Mangen WangChairman of the board

Educational background:

1988—1992  Wuhan Institute of water transport engineering (computer application)

1996—1998  Political economics of the Business School of Nanjing University (direction of financial investment)

2003—2005  CKGSB MBA

Work experience:
1994—2000  Department Manager of the Securities Department of Jiangsu International Trust and investment company, member of the Party branch

2000—2004  General manager of the Great Wall Securities Co., Ltd.

2004—2005  Executive vice-president China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Orzun Information Technology Co.,Ltd.Chairman of the director bureau of Hongkong Lutong company

2005—2010 Deputy general manager of Zhongxing interconnected Communications Technology Co., Ltd. In charge of the operation of the two-way satellite system of Shanghai stock exchange Communications Corporation

2010—now  Executive director of HRVC Capital

Investment case:

Beijing North source software Limited by Share Ltd, IPO in 2012

Shenzhen safety car testing Limited by Share Ltd, IPO in 2016

Qingdao Tian Li heavy industry Limited by Share Ltd,IPO in 2016