• VRV(300352)

    Established in 1996 with total share capital in amount of RMB1,449,824,087.00, IPO in Start –up Board of SZSE in 2012 with stock code 300352.

    The first supplier of Information security products and related integrated solutions with self-owned brand in China, has take the first place in share of the market of Terminal security management in China for 11 years;

    Headquarter located in Beijing and fully owned subsidiaries and development centers in 7 geographic districts and almost 30 provinces in China as its market and service network for providing clients its advanced products and services;

    Has acquired honors including the 2nd price of National Science and Technology Progress Award;

    Has assistant government agencies for developing industrial criteria, and built strategic cooperation with government authorities, renowned domestic universities and world top IT corps;

    Fully owned the well-known brand: Beixinyuan VRV;

    Its “Big Data” business mainly focuses on Deep integration of the big-data technique and current products which may improve breadth and depth of the terminal security management. and, at the same time, build a new system for inner safety products with new generation internet secure aggregate channel.

  • Act Society

    Mainly focuses on production investment of TV variety section, and related business including copyright operation, location market and offline activities;

    Acquired the solely operation rights for derivatives of “the Running Man” on September 5th, 2012;

    The net-profit in 2016 achieved RMB 67,500,000.00, and the net-profit in first half of 2017 achieved RMB 26,630,000.00.

  • Seagen

    As a High-tech enterprise that main business in development, integration, production and sales of hardware and software in connection with High-end embedded, Industrial IoT Sensing, data collection and operating system, dedicated to provide Intelligent, integrated operational information solutions and related products and service such as  Intelligent picking, Intelligent storage and Intelligent production management platform to Logistics supply chain;

    In so far, Seagen has accumulated sustainable products, funds and professional team and has acquired the capabilities for hardware and software systems independent planning, research and development, design, production, integration, implementation and service;

    Recently, Seagen has promoted cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes by establishment of Intelligent picking R&D center, Intelligent Logistics Research Institute and Graduate training base;

    Now, clients of the services provided by Seagen all over different industries and the products sales in more than 200 work-places in almost 100 cities.

  • Runtianzhi

    Shenzhen Runtianzhi Digital Equipment Co., Ltd main products including Solvent-based inkjet machine, UV digital printing machine, Ceramic inkjet machine, Textile printing machine and Glass printer;

    Developed the first Wide format solvent inkjet equipment and Wide format UV inkjet equipment in China that broke the monopoly situation of the same type of foreign products in China's market. Then became the first partner of the foreign company in cooperation of OEM that makes it become the largest exporter of wide format UV inkjet equipment in China;

    As a enterprise which owns the largest number of patents, has acquired 73 patents;

    Net profit in 2016 achieved RMB 25,990,000.00 and the net-profit in first half of 2017 achieved RMB 15,350,000.00, the net profit increased up to 142.49% over the same period of last year.

  • STEG

    Professional industrial internet operator, electrical equipment integration suppliers and electrical engineering service provider in China;

    Its subsidiaries and/or affiliates including Jiangsu Guowan Electric Co., Ltd,Nanjing Guoxin New Energy. LLC,Electric tiger network (www.7895.com) and Nanjing Hu Rong Bao Financial Services. LLC;

    More than 180,000 kinds of main products including various types of distribution transformers, box-type substation, high-low voltage complete sets of equipment, smart electrical equipments,crane-span structure,bus-bar, cables and electrical components, and provide services including one-stop electricity service solutions, supply chain solutions and financial plan;

    Provide services to more than ten thousands clients each year;

    The Electric tiger network (www.7895.com), has became the professional platform for electrical equipment sales and service and the first corporation which listed in the NEEQ in the whole industry.

  • YUFU Technology

    Established on December 11th, 2012, its main business lies in technology development, service, transfer,consultant and information System Integration in connection with computer information technology.

  • Tianneng Heavy industry(300569)

    Established in March of 2006 and successfully IPO in GEM in November of 2016;

    Manufacturer of fan tower with core products of 1.5MW and 2.0MW fan towers, plan to develop and producefan tower in3.0MW and above;

    Has established 6 onshore tower manufacturing bases in Qindao, Jilin, Chengzhou, Yuxi, Hami and Shandong, and has built off shore equipment manufacturing base after IPO;

    Planning to develop, construct and operate the new energy project such as wind farms and photovoltaic in Shandong, Jiangsu and Shanxi.

  • Josun

    Specialized in development, production and distribution of wind cooler and fan in connection with the wind cooler system as a leading manufacturer of wind cooling equipments;

    Now focus on research and development of cooling system specialized for  power plant of locomotive and nuclear power;

    Obtained 7 of National Invention Patent and 16 of National utility model patents.


    Specialized in development and manufacture of grouped equipments for diesel engine and vessels;

    Provide advanced, stable and high-integrated grouped equipments and professional services to clients in business related to electricity, ships, mining, construction machinery, marine engineering equipment, environmental protection;

    Has certified by CCS,BV factory andGL welding factory, and hasacquired Marine product certification issued by Classification Society of China, Germany, Japan, the USA, Norway, France and Britain.

  • Anche(300572)

    Provide services including overall solution for domestic vehicle testing, motor vehicle testing system and industry network monitoring system;

    Main production including motor vehicle testing system, industry regulatory supervision networking platform and motor vehicle driving examination system;

    Has acquired more than 20 patents and more than 30 software copyrights, its testing equipments and system software owns completely independent intellectual property rights;

    Participated in draft and modification of a number of domestic industry standards;

    Won the 1st price of the 2nd car warranty equipment industry management modernization;

    Harvest has invested in Anche in July of 2012, then Anche realized its IPO plan successfully at GEM in December of 2016.

  • Launch Design

    One of the first independent vehicle design companies, after more than 10 years of development, become renowned and welcomedprofessional institutions of vehicle research and development;

    The first National Industrial Design Center of automotive design certified by MIIT;

    The largest number in sales, approved sales andspecies of the vehicles developed by it.

  • Hanke Technology

    Established in 2014, main business lies in production of Aluminum-magnesium alloy door,back cover and leaf board;

    Holder of trademarks including “Hangao Regeneration,Thin Gold,XIJIN,Hanke,Hanke Technology” and“Hanke Regeneration”;

    Holder of patents including body parts plastic machine, seamless repair process, body surface liquid alloy filler, no putty coating process and body parts remanufacturing process (the Body surface alloy filler is epoch-making patented product which could makes strength of the surface afterrepair stronger than before;

    Its advance product:Magnesium alloy body parts regeneration,Regeneration process construction strictly in accordance with the original standard, the cold welding processed through German patent products and technologies, the surface grinding treatment processed through Germany Festo products and processes, the painting processed through Shi-Shi fast products and aluminum-magnesium alloy body coating lines of the Axalta coating system;

    Products has been testified and certified to achieve the car body parts reproduction quality management requirements, and has passed the certification of ISO9001 in 2008 and full guarantee related to has also provided by PICC.

  • Nanjing Pioneer Laser-sensing

    Established in May of 2013, engaged in business of development and application of high-end laser, optical fiber detection technology and information processing technology and skilled in fiberoptics,fibersensing,signalprocessing

    Has participated inNanjing leading science and technology talents introduction plan in 2013 and has joinedNanjing science and technology entrepreneurs training program in 2016;

    Has obtainedJiangsu Provincial Science and Technology SMEs and certificateforprivate technology enterprises in Jiangsu.

  • Vulcan

    Yangzhou Vulcan machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in March of 2007, whose main business lies in R&D design, processing and assembly, vehicle manufacturing, after-sale maintenance of the special extreme transportation and intelligent equipment vehicles, and business of special vehicle parts processingincluding parts finishing of pumps, tankers, low flatbed andsedan;

    Currently it is making a plan to improve the overall competitiveness through developing the business related tospecial non-conventional transport vehicles.

  • Xinyu Pharmaceutical

    A comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise engaged in production of microbial medicine. It is state high-tech enterprise, Anhui technology innovation enterprise, Anhui industry-university-research cooperation demonstration enterprise. Our company covers 300mu. Total assets are RMB 0.99 billion;

    Take bulk drug and derivative of lincomycin hydrochloride as material. Mainproducts are lincomycin hydrochloride, clindamycin phosphate, clindamycin hydrochloride. In recent years, developed nosiheptide premix, colistin sulfate premix, enramycin premix and neomycin sulfate etc;

    Established perfectquality assurance system, all the production line has been certified by GMP, the production line for Lincomycin hydrochloride raw materialhas certified by FDA.