Breaking News|HRVC joins hands with Crowdz China to enter the supply chain finance
Release Time:03-30-2018

In March 28, 2018, the chief executive of Crowdz Payson Johnstonand the head of Chinese operation Mr. Xiao Ming and partner Song Yuan ladyvisited HRVC, and signed the contract of investment of HRVC.

At the meeting, the two sides further consultations on thespecific content of the strategic cooperation, and agreed on the way ofcooperation, business philosophy and business expansion.

The application of block chain technology supply chain financedirections were discussed, including Chairman of HRVC Wang Mangen analyzed themain management mode in China market existing commercial paper, and pointed outthe different points and the existing western negotiable instrument market. CEOof Crowdz Johnston agreed that, and told how to solve 3 problems about SMEsbill cash difficulties, the bill market is illiquid and notes the lack of fairvalue.

Crowdz, founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley, California, is theworld's first B2B e-commerce trading network based on block chaining and AI,and provides supply chain as a service company. Crowdz used block chaining andInternet of things technology to create an enterprise credit and value deliverysystem, helping small and medium-sized enterprises get timely supply chainfinance services, and further enhance their competitiveness in the increasinglycomplex global supply chain system. The B2B e-commerce portal built by Crowdzhas greatly alleviated the contradiction between information asymmetry, low valuetransfer efficiency and mutual trust between enterprises. Its scheme has beenimplemented in many industries. In February 28, 2018, Techstars, the world'stop incubator and venture capital company, announced that it had chosen Crowdzto enter their incubator and worked together with Barclays Bank in London,England to develop the Fintech project based on block chain. Crowdz's executiveteam has many years of experience in B2B procurement strategy planning, globalsupply chain management, block chain technology, e-retail and e-commerce. In2018, Crowdz opened the year of China, bringing its leading supply chainmanagement experience and block chain applications to China to grow togetherwith the enterprises here.